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SAP Tutorial


SAP - ERP Introduction

SAP - Modules

SAP Architecture

SAP - GUI Installation

SAP - Net Weaver

SAP - Logging onto SAP System

SAP - GUI Customization

SAP - End User Customization

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SAP - Transaction Codes

SAP - Project Lifecycle

SAP - Career In SAP

SAP - GUI Installation

Now we should learn how to install SAP R3 on our systems.

Minimum System Requirements

To install the latest SAP GUI 730 version, MSU machines must meet the following minimum system requirements −

  • Windows-based PC running Windows 7, Vista, or Windows XP with Service Pack 3

  • Apple Mac with Virtual Machine software (VMWare, Fusion, Parallels) running Windows 7, Vista, or XP (Service Pack 3)

System Memory (RAM)

  • Windows XP − Minimum of 1 GB; 2 GB recommended

  • Windows 7 − Minimum of 2 GB; 4 GB recommended

  • Mac with Virtual Windows Environment − Minimum of 2 GB; 4 GB recommended

Disk Space

  • 145 MB of available disk space for the SAP GUI installer program

  • 250 MB of available disk space for the fully-installed application

Required Software Downloads

Preliminary Installation Activities

Increase Virtual Memory

My computer (Right click) → Properties → Advanced System settings → Performance → Setting → Advanced → Virtual Memory → Change

The following screenshot shows the steps.